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Kenneth Elixson
Elixson Wood Products, LLC

Elixson Wood Products was started in 1968 when Kenneth Elixson began working with Clyde Hall of Theressa, Florida. Mr. Hall was involved with the poultry industry, removing the chicken manure and replacing it with sawdust and shavings for bedding in between flocks. Mr. Hall retired in 1972 and Kenneth Elixson continued the business. By the mid 1970's the poultry industry was weakening. At that time people became interested in bark and mulch for landscaping. Mr. Kenneth Elixson began buying bark and mulch from area mills and selling it to landscapers and plant nurseries.

In 1981 Mr. Kenneth Elixson purchased a mulch grinder and began producing cypress mulch. A second grinder was purchased in 1984, and the two small grinders were replaced with one large grinder in 1986 and used until the mid 1990's. At this time the grinder was taken out of service because cypress logs were not available. Cypress mulch was purchased by obtaining mulch from outside sources.  

In 1987 Elixson Wood Products purchased a shaker from a local mining company and the shaker was converted for screening pine bark into different sizes for selling to plant nurseries, landscapers and soil companies. Two larger screens were added in 1992 and used until 1994. Between 1994 and 2004 six more screens were added giving Elixson Wood Products the capability of producing 3,000 yards of bark per day.

Prior to 1998 Elixson Wood Products owned trucks and trailers used for bringing materials into the wood yard and for delivering our wood products. At this time the trucks and trailers were sold and we began using a local trucking company. This enabled Elixson Wood Products to deliver all over Florida as well as portions of the southeastern United States.  A mulch coloring machine and grinder was purchased in 2004. Elixson Wood Products began to grind cypress for mulch and other types of logs to make colored mulches.

The first manual bagger was installed in July 2007 and a second bagger with partial automation was installed in 2013. By 2019 we had installed and third bagger and upgraded to full automation.  Our goal at Elixson Wood Products is to continue to produce a quality product and maintain personalized customer relationships as only a family owned business can provide. We continue to carry on the legacy that was begun by Mr. Kenneth Elixson over 51 years ago.

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