Elixson Wood Products, LLC
Elixson Wood Products natural appeal

Elixson Wood Products, LLC offers many of our products in bulk as well as bagged. Our Natural Appeal® bagged products are second to none.  Our bagged product allows the consumer to tailor their purchases to their needs.  We are sure you have heard the term "one size fits all", however at Elixson Wood Products, LLC, we know that is not the case at all. So the choice is yours, bagged or bulk!

In addition to offering our mulch products in bulk or in bags, we also have additional offerings that are in bags only (not available in bulk). We have our first quality top soil, potting soil for the serious gardner, and soil conditioner to get your soil in top notch shape.  What ever your needs you can be sure that Elixson Wood Products, LLC has got you covered.

Elixson Wood Products bagged mulch
Elixson Wood Products mulch bagger
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